Products for Sports Leagues

   Sideline Shots offers a full line of high quality digital photo products. These products are personalized for each individual.   
   Our digital photo products come in a variety of designs.  Leagues have the opportunity to choose which design they would like for each product.  To request information on products and designs contact us.

Individual Plaques
are available in Dark Walnut. They include sports emblem, 5x7 individual photograph and plate printing.


Trading Cards make wonderful keepsakes for both players and families. Printed in full color, on both sides, each card is personalized with your child's name, team name, coach, league, division, height, weight and age. There is also space provided for the players personal highlights.  These are not peel and stick labels. 

Magnets are perfect for refrigerators or lockers, also personalized with the players name and year.

Mouse Pads are personalized with the player's name and year. They are constructed of durable material and are 8"x 9" in size.

Magazine Covers are personalized with the players name. Designs are available for all major sports plus more than 30 specialized titles.

are 12 consecutive months. Start month is determined by the order date.

Memory Mates are made from three board stock and are charcoal gray in color.  They include up to 3 lines of silver or gold foil stamping. Wording on Memory Mates is specified   by your league.

Buttons are 3" in diameter.  Parents are always proud to display their child's photo on their jackets, shirts or hand bags.

Key Chains include 2 wallet size photos.

Team Sponsor Prints make a great recognition gift for coaches or sponsors.  They are printed with team / league name, year and "Thank You" along the side.

Coach or Sponsor Plaques are available in Dark Walnut.  They include sports emblem, 5x7 team photo and plate printing.